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Ziss Aqua USA Incubators
If you are in the market for a fish & shrimp incubator, then consider the Ziss Egg Tumbler. With its
patented design, this incubator continuously rolls eggs in oxygen-rich water. This prevents fungi and
gives a higher hatching rate than older, more traditional incubators. Let’s examine how these products
work in more detail. Here are a few of their most important features. If you’re looking for an affordable
and effective way to hatch your eggs, then consider purchasing Ziss products.
Ziss Egg Tumbler
The Ziss Aqua USA Egg Tumbler is an excellent tool for raising fish eggs and larvae into fry. It is
commonly used for raising African cichlid eggs but can also be used for Pleco and Corydoras. This unit
has an adjustable flow and can accommodate large eggs. It attaches easily to the aquarium using the super
suction cups. It also includes an adjustable timer to help hatch eggs faster.
The Ziss Egg Tumbler ZET-80 is a high quality, easy-to-use product designed for African cichlids. The
egg tumbler is simple to use and requires only an aquarium air pump to function. It offers gentle rocking
and consistent flow to ensure that your eggs hatch at the highest possible rate. This product is very
popular for cichlid hatching, and if you’re looking for the ultimate egg incubator for your fish, this is it!
A Ziss egg tumbler is designed to hatch non-adhesive or adhesive eggs. Each model features different
heights and internal diameters. Each tumbler is equipped with an air control valve that allows you to set
the airflow. You can use a higher air flow for non-adhesive eggs, while a lower flow is needed for
adhesive eggs. Gently moving water around the eggs helps prevent fungus from growing and increases
hatching rates.
Fish & Shrimp Egg Incubator
The Ziss Aqua ZET-55 is an air-powered, upwelling incubator for fish and shrimp eggs. It has a capacity
of 270ml and is 60mm x 210mm. The ZET-55 has three models that can accommodate a variety of eggs,
including those of Cichlids, angelfish, and discus fish.
Unlike traditional hatching jars, Ziss’s patented Tumblers tumble eggs in a steady stream of oxygenated
water. The tumbling action keeps the eggs from developing too quickly, and the stainless steel mesh net
helps filter out harmful particles from the water. Whether you’re breeding African cichlids or shrimp, the
Tumbler is an excellent choice for your fish and shrimp.
Prevents fungi
Traditional aquarium chemicals can also be responsible for a fungus problem. The problem with
methylene blue is that it stains everything it touches. In addition, it can also destroy the biological filter by
causing ammonia poisoning. If you are looking for an affordable and effective solution to fungus,
consider using a product from ziss aqua USA. Listed below are the most popular products that help
prevent fungi in aquariums.
Increases hatching rate
The Ziss Aqua Artemia Hatchery is a unique artemia incubator and breeding tank. This is the ideal
container for breeding artemia and feeding it to fish. It is simple to use and comes with a built-in air
diffusor. Ziss Aqua also offers other artemia-related equipment. Read on to learn more about these
products. The Ziss Aqua Artemia Hatchery is an incubator and breeding tank that is easy to clean and
combines practicality with high-quality features.

The number of eggs per egg hatched was measured and the rate of survival was calculated. The hatching
rate was calculated as the number of juveniles in stage 1 divided by the number of eggs. Three parallel
experiments were conducted in each condition, each involving the same number of eggs. Incubation
period was 30 days. All the eggs were counted after hatching. This figure represents the percentage of
stage one juveniles in each group.
The Ziss Egg Tumbler is an effective method for increasing hatching rates. It mimics the environment of
the parents by gently rolling the eggs. It helps prevent the eggs from being damaged by fungi and
promotes hatching. Moreover, it is easy to clean and lasts much longer than the traditional air stones. Ziss
Tumblers are also useful for keeping baby fish fry alive.

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