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Xfinity Customer Service Phone Number

The Xfinity customer support phone number may be one of the hardest numbers to find when attempting to resolve your internet or cable problems. If this is the case, you may have to do a bit of legwork to find a live person who can handle your case. You can also contact Xfinity on its social media accounts, but it is unlikely that you’ll get a human response through these methods. Alternatively, you can visit a local retail store to resolve the issue in person.

Xfinity customer service phone number

When you call the Xfinity customer service phone number, you have to be patient to get a live human. The automatic phone system takes a long time to answer your call, and customers must press ‘0’ repeatedly to get through to a live person. Non-customers may have to repeat the same process repeatedly to reach a live agent. In addition to phone support, Xfinity has active social media profiles and customer support pages on its website. Agents are actively monitoring these pages, and there is always the option of stopping by a retail store to resolve an issue.

Comcast customer service

How do I cancel my Comcast service? If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve already tried calling Comcast’s toll free number. If not, you’ve probably tried visiting the Comcast website, calling their help desk, or simply dialing 611. But if you’re still not satisfied, there are other options. Below are some options. You can call the company’s toll free number, visit their website, or schedule an appointment.

Comcast’s website

A Comcast’s Xfinity customer service phone number isn’t really that different from a number from another company. The difference is that Comcast has its own tactics for call center representatives. You may be asked for your social security number, which they will use to run a credit check before completing the purchase. It’s worth it to know the tactics before you call.

Xfinity’s Getting Started Kit

For new Xfinity by Comcast customers, the Getting Started Kit is a convenient way to get your service up and running without the hassle of hiring an installation company. The self-installation kit includes everything you need to connect four or fewer Xfinity devices to your home. When ordering the kit, be sure to check that your home has enough outlets to accommodate your new service. You can also opt to have it shipped to you.

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