Win American Visa Lottery to be a green card holder

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A US green card is a dream that every immigrant desires. Whoever travels to the US to settle there, tries their best to become a green card holder. In the US, the Green Card Program facilitates random people by issuing green cards. The winners may move to the USA with their families and get the same legal rights as a USA native. Applying for a Green card other than becoming part of the Green card program is somewhat difficult. So, it is advised to apply for this program.

American Visa Lottery Program

The American Visa Lottery applies to any person who wishes to settle in the USA permanently. The application process is not too difficult but you should be careful while applying to reduce the chances of disqualification.

It is suggested to take help from the US Green Card Office. In this way, you can reduce the risks of disqualification to a minimum. You will be assisted in completing the documentation procedures and KYC verification. Also, you can get help in visa interviews at the local US embassy. The interview process is critical for being selected.

Here are the steps you have to follow for getting a Green Card Visa.

  1. Navigate to an online platform for applying for the visa.
  2. Explore the application plans and pay initial application charges.
  3. The next step is to update KYC requirements like uploading the pictures.
  4. The pictures uploaded will be validated and you may be informed if you need to upload fresh pictures in place of a faulty upload.
  5. Your application is reviewed and approved before submitting it to the American government.
  6. The application is sent to the American government for approval.
  7. The American government sends your personal confirmation number to the US green card office and is then uploaded to your profile.
  8. Now, the application is part of the American Visa Lottery.
  9. The American government directly posts the winner notification letter to the US green card office.
  10. Upon approval of the application, you have to submit an online application (DS-260). It is a critical step and needs much consideration.
  11. You receive the interview appointment after DS-260 submission.
  12. You are guided on how to appear in the interview.
  13. The interview will be conducted at the local American Consulate.
  14. You will be issued an Immigrant Visa to enter an American state.
  15. Now, you travel to the USA and can avail offers like “Free flights”.
  16. In three to four weeks, you may receive your Green Card at the USA address you registered.

Take Away!

To be eligible for the Green Card Program, there is a standard criterion. You must consider all the steps explained in this blog post as they all are equally important.

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