Virtual Hiring: What is it and how does it help developers’ recruitment?

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Early it was a custom to call employees to the office and discuss the progress of their daily tasks. Face 2 face meetings have turned old traditional approaches. When COVID-19 broke out, the enterprises shifted office manuals to digital working hubs. Moreover, it doesn’t seem fair to ask candidates for a visit to the office premises to take part in coding exercises, as it helps the HR department to evaluate their skills based on hands-on practice and real-time problem-solving. So, virtual solutions have stepped into the market. Let’s discuss more virtual hiring procedures when you are recruiting software developers.

Virtual Hiring: A modern recruitment approach

Businesses around the world are gradually accepting virtual hiring concepts. Many of the big enterprises have already joined the trend while others are planning to use it soon. Have you heard of Pair Programming? This applies to software developers’ recruitment process only. Through this, you can involve candidates in live coding activities and can also conduct video interviews. It proves to be highly effective in hiring competitive developers.

Pair Programming: A brief overview

Have you used Zoom services or Google classroom? Do you remember the share screen feature? Similarly, pair programming lets the 2 individuals share a screen but the same one, and they may also access the same machine to do coding. In this way, when the candidate is programming software, the hiring manager can review it in real time. This way, it becomes a live recruitment procedure.

Can the candidate deceive the recruitment coding tests?

No, the candidate cannot deceive you in any case. Consider virtual hiring a transparent recruiting approach same as a face-to-face recruitment procedure. It is because you have access to all the activities the candidate does to the machine and by video interviewing, you can assess body language as well. You may also keep an eye on the candidate’s activity during the interview. If something sounds suspicious, you can inquire directly.

Buy Pair Programming Solutions

You have acknowledged the worth of pair programming in the recruitment of developers. Now, you should look up pair programming solutions that are affordable. You will have diverse options, but choose one that complies with your needs.

Take Away!

Did you find virtual hiring interesting? It is a technology-based latest approach that evolved after COVID-19 broke out. You may appreciate the efforts of companies offering these services. If you have queries to inquire about, leave a comment.

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