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RPA, or robotic process automation, is software that mimics human actions and completes a task as long as the task is completed within a procedure. As a result, we are free to focus on tasks that require our attention, such as logic, judgement, emotional intelligence, and customer connection. This field has a wide range of applications. The robotic process automation technique saves you both time and money. As a result, businesses are more interested in this process, making it a worthwhile subject to study. This article curates a list of online resources where you can learn about RPA. 
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can alter company operations by freeing up time for experts to focus on critical thinking. This is done by automating routine, time-consuming manual procedures. This course for accounting and finance professionals around the world demonstrates how robotic process automation may be used to reduce errors and boost productivity through use cases. Through a real-world, relevant data preparation use case, this course is designed to give accounting and financial professionals practical literacy on robotic process automation. It aids in identifying possible applications, as well as the advantages and drawbacks of robotic process automation. This course assists you in developing a business case for automation by helping you in assessing requirements, defining evidence of value, and measuring and validating the ROI. 
This specialisation provides in-depth knowledge and professional abilities in the development and deployment of software robots. It begins with a review of the fundamentals of robotic process automation. It expands on these ideas by introducing essential RPA Design and Development techniques and methodologies, with a focus on UiPath products. A student who completes the course will get the ability to design and create business process automation systems. You’ll also be prepared for the UiPath Certified Professional – UiRPA test with this specialisation. The course’s practise exercises are exercises that correspond to the Theory section. Each exercise will assist the student in putting the abilities learnt in the Theory portion into practice.
The purpose of this course offered by Udemy is to help you understand the large picture of robotic process automation. It prepares you for more hands-on learning with the RPA tech primer course and an RPA tool course of your choosing. It is a 100-hour certificate course for beginners that covers the following topics:
This course offered by IIT Kanpur is for students who have a basic understanding of computers. The goal of the Step into Robotic Process Automation (RPA) course is to expose students to RPA. It follows a use-case approach, starting with describing a real-world, general problem and how it’s solved in a non-RPA context. It then moves on to teaching students how to build a robot using free UiPath software (Academic Alliance Edition) to automate the answer.
The course offers an understanding of the basics of Robotic Process Automation, identifying processes that can be automated, setting up the environment, and developing and deploying basic robots independently using UiPath RPA Platform (Academic Alliance Edition). 
You will learn about the concept of Robotic Process Automation and how to integrate it into your organisation in this course, RPA with Microsoft Power Automate: Getting Started. First, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of RPA and how to use a programme called Power Automate to develop RPA processes. Second, you’ll learn about Power Automate and how it may assist you in developing RPA workflows. Then, using the Power Automate UI, you’ll design your first workflow. Then you’ll learn about Actions and Variables and how they may help you build more robust processes. Finally, you’ll put all you’ve learned to good use by developing, building, testing, and deploying some common RPA use case scenarios. After completing this course, you’ll have the RPA and Power Automate skills and knowledge necessary to design your own Power Automate processes.
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