The Sleepy Chicken TikTok Trend Could Be Dangerous

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You’ve probably heard of the Sleepy Chicken trend, but do you know what this is? It involves braising a chicken in cold medicine that turns the bird blue, and has become a viral trend with hundreds of thousands of views. While some videos are obviously satire, others are real, and doctors have sounded the alarm that this practice could be dangerous.


The NyQuil sleepy chicken trend has gained a lot of attention lately, and not just from foodies. It’s also getting the attention of doctors, who are concerned about the health risks of this trend. Although some claim that this chicken recipe can cure colds and flu, this trend isn’t recommended. Basically, chicken is marinated with a solution containing dextromethorphan and paracetamol, which are common over-the-counter medications.

The NyQuil chicken trend started several years ago on the video-sharing platform TikTok. Many users posted videos of themselves cooking chicken with sleeping pills. The videos became popular on YouTube, but the viral video website has since removed the videos. However, if you search for sleepy chicken on YouTube, you’ll find wholesome chicken videos.


A popular trend on TikTok has people cooking chicken with cough syrup. This dish has drawn a lot of attention and is very unhealthy. The recipe for sleepy chicken was shared by a man on the social media platform. He said he fried chicken breasts on low heat and poured four-thirds of drowsy cough syrup. He then left the chicken to boil for 30 minutes. Then, he used hair straighteners as tongs and flipped the chicken. While the recipe looks delicious, it is also very unhealthy and dangerous.

The trend has caused concern among doctors and other health professionals. Some of them are warning the young people to think twice before following this trend. It has been found that the over-the-counter liquid cough syrup NyQuil may pose health risks due to the high concentration of the drug. It is not recommended that children or teenagers participate in this trend, because it may cause them to become ill or even die.

Hard sweets

The Sleepy Chicken trend is a combination of cough syrup, cough medicine, hard sweets, and fizzy drink. It resembles the popular trend known as Lean, which uses hard sweets and cough syrup as a form of pain relief. It is popular among hip hop cultures and has contributed to the opioid crisis in the U.S.

In the video below, a TikTok user explains how he makes his own sleepy chicken. He fried a chicken breast on low heat, poured in four-thirds drowsy cough syrup, and then left it simmer for 30 minutes before flipping it over. While this method may seem harmless, it is highly unhealthy and dangerous.

Fizzy drink

If you’re looking for an unusual way to eat chicken, consider the new TikTok trend of cough syrup chicken. It’s a trend that resembles the famous Lean drink, which combines a powerful pain killer called Codeine with cough syrup and fizzy drink. It’s very popular in hip hop culture, but has contributed to the opioid epidemic in the U.S.

This TikTok trend is becoming extremely popular, and even doctors are becoming concerned about its dangers. Some people even claim that it can cure colds and flu. This trend is dangerous because it saturates food and drinks with medicine, which can have a negative impact on your health. According to Dr. Jeff Foster, founder of H3 Health, this trend is not a healthy way to cure a cold or flu.

Chicken breasts

If you’ve been on the internet for any length of time, you’ve probably seen the “Sleepy Chicken” trend. This new trend involves cooking chicken breasts in cold medicine, such as NyQuil. While the concept sounds a bit ridiculous, it does seem to be gaining in popularity. This trend was first shared on the video-sharing platform Twitter in early 2017, and has since resurfaced on TikTok. This app allows users to create short videos, which are typically shared with an unlimited number of viewers.

The concept is interesting, but also dangerous. Adding cold medication to food is not a healthy option and can be harmful to your health.


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