The Amish Schoolhouse

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The Amish Schoolhouse

The Amish were known for their one-room schoolhouses. This type of schoolhouse allowed them to stay local and made transportation much easier. This type of school also allowed them to attend church on Sunday. Here are a few facts about the Amish Schoolhouse. We’ll also discuss Martha Yoder and Marie Monville.

Martha Yoder’s life in the Amish Schoolhouse

Martha Yoder’s life in the Amished Schoolhouse was a fascinating and enlightening tale. Born in Ligonier, she married Joseph J. Yoder in 1948. Both were Amish and had three children. In the years following the marriage, she remained an active member of the community. She and Joseph shared their home and their faith with visitors from around the world.

In her lifetime, Martha Yoder was a member of the Amish community and an advocate of peace and equality. She was a member of the Old Order Amish Church. She was a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Her life in the Amish Schoolhouse influenced generations of Amish women.

Marie Monville’s husband’s murder

Six years after her husband’s murder at The Amish School house, Marie Monville is releasing a book about the tragic events of that tragic day. The book, One Light Still Shines, will detail the shooting and the life after the tragedy. She describes her husband as a devoted husband, churchgoing Christian, and a hardworking provider. However, the tragedy changed her life in an instant, with no warning signs.

Monville’s husband, Charlie Roberts, opened fire in a one-room Amish schoolhouse in rural Pennsylvania on October 2, 2006. Roberts shot the girls in the head, identifying them as a single group, as well as the male pupils. After completing the murder spree, Roberts turned the gun on himself. Monville says her husband had a history of depression, but she does not know why he would kill her children.

Ball field

A one-room Amish school with an enclosed schoolyard, two outhouses, and a ball field. This school was built in 1976. The school bell on the roof was a familiar sound on the road. Children ran from class to play in the ball field. The school bell pealed at the end of each day, calling everyone to class. The children began their day with a Bible reading from Acts 4 and finished by reciting the Lord’s Prayer in Pennsylvania Dutch.

There are over 254 Amish schools in Lancaster County. Each one-room school is different, but they all have common features. They are usually built on donated land and include baseball or softball fields, playground equipment, and outhouses.


Marcus Smucker, Ph.D., who teaches Amish studies at Elizabethtown College, recently wrote an article for the New York Times about the Amish’s practice of self-surrender. It is a common practice in the Amish community, where a person works through their emotions of forgiveness every day. In Roberts’ case, this process triggered a feeling of friendship.

In this book, self-surrender is discussed from a practical and spiritual standpoint. The Amish believe that we must be separated from worldly sin practices in order to receive salvation. Thus, they live in small, distinct communities and resist modern civilization by maintaining simple austere lifestyles. They use gas lamps and do not use electricity, and they adhere to traditional customs of rural societies. They also give up self-interest and submit to authority in the church.

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