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Millions of prospective A-level and GCSE students across the UK and the rest of the Europe, Middle East and Africa can now apply to be students at King’s College Online, the organisation announced today.
The global school is part of Inspired Education (“Inspired”) – the leading global group of premium schools educating over 50,000 students across five continents – and is opening up its flexible and competitive offering to a first intake, after a successful reception in the Asia Pacific region in January. It is now enrolling for September, when students will begin full-time international GCSE and A-level courses.
Inspired schools have an extremely strong track record of academic success, with more than 90% of students achieving their first-choice university and one-in-three students attending Russell Group and Ivy League universities.
Named after leading schools already within the Inspired portfolio, King’s College Online will cost €7,000 per year, for full-time international GCSEs (eight to ten subjects) and the same for AS and A-levels full-time (up to four subjects). This is nearly a third of the price some private day schools charge currently in the UK, according to a 2020 analysis of Independent Schools Council data.
In a global first, King’s College Online enables students between 14 and 18-years-old to experience the best of online and offline schooling, plus the opportunity to attend one of Inspired’s 70 prestigious schools around 20 countries and five continents.
The curriculum, which is academic and holistic, includes regular co-curricular activities such as music, art, drama and coding, to enable a rounded educational experience for every student. Each student is also assigned a personal tutor for regular success coaching, as well as pastoral care and access to university counsellors.
In addition, and thanks to dedicated programmes provided by King’s College Online, students can easily integrate their educational duties alongside other life commitments. They can train for their dream professional career, such as becoming a professional sportsperson, musician or actor, whilst passing important life-changing exams.
Students have exposure to live, dynamic lessons, with the opportunity to repeat lessons or take them at different times to their peers because of other commitments. This is thanks to an innovative platform where all content is available 24/7 so students can independently study at a time and pace that suits them while still being tracked by their assigned tutors.
This approach to academic schooling is particularly attractive to students in the performing arts and competing in sports; those who are not well-suited to the traditional physical and social interactions of school life; those whose parents have jobs that require frequent relocations; and parents who are seeking an affordable high-quality private school offer.
Above all else, King’s College Online students will be ambitious, independent learners and the school is wholly committed to meeting their aspirations.
Teachers have been individually selected from Inspired’s current global network of schools, with each being a leader in their academic field and possessing a demonstrated and excellent ability to teach online.
Mark O’Donoghue, CEO of King’s College Online, said:
“King’s College Online is a whole new approach to learning in secondary education, which is innovative, challenging and enriching. It is closer to the approach higher education has been using for a while, combining live lectures with smaller learning groups, but all embedded in a virtual campus. We want to break away from the Victorian model of education, which was designed to produce workers for factories. King’s College Online aspires to empower individuality and ambition.”
Nadim Nsouli, CEO Of Inspired Group, added:
“King’s College Online has been developed by leveraging 50 years of academic excellence and experience from the King’s College schools and the best teaching practices from more than 65 Inspired schools around the world. We have now launched a unique offering enabling students to attend a high-quality private school online at an affordable price while still having access to Inspired’s physical school campuses globally.”
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