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Should You Play Diamond Skill 6 Silver Or Diamond Skill 6 Gold?

Have you ever wondered whether you should play Diamond Skill 6 Silver or Diamond Skill 6 Gold? There are several different reasons to do so and we’ll outline each in turn. Diamond Skill 6 Silver has two Nudge Games, a Hot Swap Game, and a Pick Me game. The latter is a patent-pending concept where you select the correct icon that completes the winning pay line. If you love this game, try it today!

Diamond Skill 6 Silver

If you’ve been looking for a great skill and dexterity game, the Diamond Skill 6 Silver slot game may be the right choice for you. It contains 3 nudge games and one Hot Swap game, both of which feature a new patent pending concept: the player has to select the correct icon from amongst three symbols to complete a winning pay line. The game has been created to be compatible with touchscreen devices and offers a smooth gaming experience.

Diamond Skill 6 Gold

The first part of the game is called Nudge Game. This game is the most interesting of all the skill games in the Diamond Skill series, and the more you play it, the better you get at it. You will need to pick the correct icon in order to complete a pay line and win. In addition to the Nudge Game, you will also find one other game called Hot Swap Game. This game uses a new patent pending concept where you choose an icon to complete a winning pay line.

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