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Return of the Lightning Degree Review
I’ve been reading Return of the Lightning Degree by Ryu-Yeon for a few months now. I’ve been very
impressed with this manga, and I’m glad to have finally found a good translation. I don’t know how the
characters in the manga manage to make their friendship work out, but they do! In this review, I’ll share
my thoughts on the story. In this manga, Junho gives his money to Jang-hong. What does that mean for
the story?
Return of the Lightning Degree by Ryu-Yeon
In Return of the Lightning Degree, Ryu-Yeon lost his father to a disease at the age of ten. His father
taught him the art of carving and he soon started creating intricate wooden sculptures. While visiting an
old man who was interested in his works, Ryu-Yeon was greeted by an elderly man who asked him if he
would like to become his disciple.
This week’s installment of the comic Lightning Degree is available in English. It has reached chapter 124
and you can read it on the web via Kakaopage. The comic is available in many sites including Mangaku,
Mangakita, Komikid, Nekonime, and Anitoki. The scanned version can be read for free on the web. After
reading it, you can download the comic and enjoy it legally with English subtitles.
Junho gives his money to Jang-hong
The next chapter of the drama continues the story of Mo Yong-Hwi, the mad scientist who tries to make
the team successful by using his insanity. In the previous chapter, Mo won the Cheonmuhakgwan, but this
time, he takes the initiative to distract the team from their true goal. The next chapter focuses on the man
who diverted the team from its purpose, Jang-hong.
However, even though he is not willing to give the money to the apprentice, he does it anyway. Although
he doesn’t want to give his money to Jang-hong, he did so as a courtesy. However, he has a hidden
purpose for doing this. Jang-hong will soon reveal this plan to anyone who wants to know. Thus, the
money will be a problem for Mo Yong to find.
Before the third spherical, the group headed to the forest to discuss more serious matters. However, before
the boys returned to the city, a girl listened to a male voice from outside her dom. She felt like killing the
man for his indiscretions. This was the start of a series of events that would lead to the emergence of three
Ryu-Yeon gives his money to Junho
The episode ends with a bang. Junho gives his money to Ryu-Yeon, and then they head to the forest to
discuss more serious matters. Meanwhile, Bi Ryu-Yeon is busy preparing for his second one-round match,

where he will face more intense competition from across the nation. However, despite the bang, Ryu-
Yeon isn’t too worried. He’s still a strong contender, and he will need to stay focused on the second one-

The story starts when Ryu-Yeon is ten years old and has lost his father to a disease. He learned how to
carve by watching his father. He was so impressed by the intricate sculptures he carved with wood that an
elderly man came to him and asked if he’d like to be his disciple. He accepts the challenge and takes the
path that Junho had hoped for.
The school has been preparing for the admission process for a long time. In the case of severe cases,
people line up for days to get into the school. Different methods are used to combat the situation. The

man’s face was touched and his eyes reflected his feelings. However, the man was not satisfied with his
answer and poured cold water on his eagerness.
While Junho has a good grasp of money, he lacks the requisite understanding of martial arts. Ryu-Yeon
was a piece of work. He was a stubborn, unknowing piece of work. He wasn’t sure he was getting a
discount and was a pawn in the scheme. He was ignorant of what was in his way, but Ryu-Yeon was
determined to get the goods he wanted.
The sales representative’s temper was good, and Ryu-Yeon’s face grew stiffer at hearing the price. He
wished to buy the product for his lightning degree, but his temper and the price grew when he heard the
real price. The middle-aged sales man didn’t care about the apprentice’s feelings, so Ryu-Yeon stepped
into the store anyway, despite the fact that the product was not worth the price.
The release schedule for the Lightning Degree is uneven. The episode will release chapter 121 in a six to
eight-day span. It will unencumber on May 20, 2022, and chapter 122 will follow six to eight days after.
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