Israeli Tactical School

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Israeli Tactical School

The Israeli Tactical School is an institution that is devoted to the study of self-defense tactics, techniques and weaponry. This institute is located in Tel Aviv and offers various courses that will prepare you to deal with any situation that might arise. The training offered at this school is extensive and includes both practical and theoretical training. The instructors are trained to be extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter and are dedicated to educating their students. During the course of the classes, you will learn everything from the fundamentals of self-defense to advanced tactics.

Courses offered

Israeli Tactical School provides high-quality tactical training for government and private sectors. Its instructors come from Tier One Israeli units. Their training program includes basic pistol & rifle, SWAT hostage rescue, and direct action. It also offers a wide range of executive protection courses.

The VIP Protection Training Course is perfect for any bodyguard or international security agent who is new to the industry. The course teaches Israeli Combat Point Shooting for Close Protection and security planning. It is ideal for those looking to become more marketable in the global economy.

The IDF Combat Training Course is a comprehensive military discipline course that mimics real-life service in an IDF combat unit. It also includes wilderness survival and camouflage. In addition, it covers weapons and tactics, as well as a variety of shooting and endurance marches.

The Close Quarters Battle Course is a training course that is designed for units assigned to home defense. It presents various techniques, such as concealment, vehicle CQB, and room clearing live fire.

Instructors needed

Whether you’re looking for a fun weekend activity or a professional development opportunity, the Israeli Tactical School is for you. This international training academy offers a hands-on experience with top-notch instructors from US Special Forces and the Israeli Secret Service. They also offer counter-terror and executive protection training.

The Tactical Firearms Instructor Course teaches you how to use firearms effectively in a variety of situations. This includes pistol and carbine skills. You also learn to perform force-on-force shoot house exercises and how to operate in low light and night vision conditions. This program is designed to produce instructors who can handle live-fire drills in a range.

The Krav Maga Association (KMA) is an organization dedicated to the study of Krav Maga, a system of self-defense that was developed in Israel. KMA Instructors hold the highest positions in the Krav Maga system in Israel. They train with the nation’s top tier Israeli instructors to certify other Krav Maga teachers in the country.

Instructor responsibilities

Israeli Tactical School has an impressive roster of instructors. These individuals come from a variety of agencies, such as the US Army Special Forces, the United States Secret Service and Tier-one Israeli units. They provide hands-on training for students, who gain important skills.

The Tactical Firearms Instructor Course is designed to train instructors to lead force on force shoot house exercises, focusing on carbine and pistol skills. The course is also an opportunity for trainees to learn the skills and techniques associated with a range of military and law enforcement operations.

Israeli Tactical School’s SWAT training covers the basics of squad and team training, as well as live-fire CQB room clearing. Students can even practice their skills on an airborne army helicopter. The academy has 3G night vision goggles, flash bangs and more.

The school is home to the largest mobile team of diverse instructors. These experts have taught hundreds of classes across a number of platforms. Their classes cover everything from the fundamentals to the advanced skill levels.

Career opportunities

If you are interested in security careers, there are a number of options available to you. For example, Israeli Tactical School offers a variety of services, including counter-terrorism training and executive protection. However, in order to be eligible for these programs, you must have a background in police or military service.

In addition, you will have to demonstrate an appropriate physical fitness level and have experience working in a protection service. In particular, you will want to have a protection qualification certificate issued by a certified security training provider. You will also need to have a doctor’s written authorization to attend the program.

Israeli Tactical School is a global partner of International Protection Services (IPS). As such, students can receive job opportunities in different countries around the world. If you are interested in an executive protection career, it is important to acquire training. The program will help you develop skills in response tactics, as well as methods for attack prevention.


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