Important Facts About Palm Beach State College

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Important Facts About Palm Beach State College

Palm Beach State College is located in Lake Worth, Florida, and is a part of the Florida College System. The college offers a range of programs, as well as a student-faculty ratio of 22:1. Read on for more information. You’ll also find out about Admissions statistics, Programs offered, and Student-athletes. We’ve compiled the most important facts about Palm Beach State College so you can make an informed decision.

Student-faculty ratio of 22:1

Palm Beach State College ranks below the national average when it comes to student-faculty ratio. This school has an average of 24 students for every instructional faculty member, a number that is below the national average of 15:1. While smaller class sizes are generally better for students, this ratio may be an indicator that students at Palm Beach State College are not getting the attention they need to succeed.

Palm Beach State College has an average SAT score of 1600, including the math and reading portions. This number isn’t an absolute value, but it indicates that the college is competitive. It also shows a trend in student performance over time, which is helpful in determining whether Palm Beach State College is a good fit.

Programs offered

Palm Beach State College is a public college in Lake Worth, Florida. It is part of the Florida College System. The college offers a wide range of degree programs. Students can pursue a degree in business, psychology, education, nursing, and more. Its students come from all over the state, including South Florida, and from all over the world.

The college offers four semester sessions, with each term lasting approximately 16 weeks. In addition, there are also shorter sessions of eight to twelve weeks. Students can also participate in various intramural sports and participate in student clubs.

Admissions statistics

If you’re considering applying to Palm Beach State College, it’s important to understand the average SAT and ACT scores of those who’ve been accepted. While these numbers don’t guarantee acceptance, they can give you a good idea of how competitive a school is. By comparing your scores to the average scores of admitted students, you can build a shortlist of schools that are a better fit for your skills and interests.

Approximately 32% of Palm Beach State College students are Hispanic or Latino. The remaining 26% are white. There are also 2.99% students of Asian ancestry. The college’s overall student population is disproportionately white, with more white students than non-white students.


Students can pursue their love of sports at Palm Beach State College. The Belle Glade campus was recently designated as the official site of the Muck City Sports Hall of Fame awards ceremony. The award ceremony honors athletes from Palm Beach County, which includes the cities of Pahokee and Clewiston. More than 400 collegiate and professional athletes call these cities home.

Palm Beach State College has 80 student-athletes on its athletic team. The athletic program includes 38 male and 42 female student-athletes. Students participating in athletics are eligible for financial aid. This aid can help them cover the costs of attending college. The college offers an average of $11,497 in sports-related aid to its student-athletes.


For nearly ninety years, Palm Beach State College has been a vital player in the Palm Beach community, impacting every industry with graduates who excel in their chosen fields. Since it opened its doors in 1933, the college has grown from three classrooms to five locations and more than 40,000 students from 150 countries. Today, it ranks among the nation’s top producers of associate degree graduates. Additionally, the college offers baccalaureate degrees, professional certificates, and corporate and continuing education.

The College offers associate degrees in liberal arts, business, and computer science. The College also has a robust nursing program, with the highest graduation rate of any program. In August 2009, Palm Beach State College added its first baccalaureate degree program, and now offers three bachelor’s degrees in six tracks. In addition, it added Information Management and Nursing to its degree offerings.


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