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NEWARK, NJ — The following news release comes courtesy of South Ward Promise Neighborhood. Learn more about posting announcements or events to your local Patch site.
South Ward Promise Neighborhood recently announced the launch New Jersey’s first hybrid college, Gateway U.
Gateway U is a nonprofit program that offers students an affordable, flexible, online pathway to a degree through Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) with personalized in-person coaching support.

“As a Newark native, I am personally invested in developing our city and our people,” said Saymah Nah, executive director of Gateway U. “At Gateway U our mission is to catalyze socio-economic mobility through an affordable and accessible college experience. We are strategically collaborating across the community to strengthen the pipeline between education and career, where everyone benefits: students, families, employers, schools, and our greater society. As the first hybrid college in New Jersey, Gateway U is excited to work with partners to increase opportunities and improve outcomes for residents.”
Gateway U is now open with an in-person study space in the City of Newark. Named in honor of the Gateway City, Gateway U is part of an innovative workforce development initiative that will help prepare the current and next generation for a thriving career that is in demand in the city. As New Jersey’s largest city, Newark is one of the most dynamic and connected urban centers in the country. Newark is home to leading New Jersey companies, including: Audible, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, Prudential Financial, Panasonic North America, PSEG, among others.
“South Ward Promise Neighborhood is one of a handful of organizations nationwide to receive a second U.S Department of Education grant to continue our groundbreaking work to enhance the lives of families in Newark’s South Ward,” said Nichelle Holder, chief program officer at South Ward Promise Neighborhood, which is the parent organization of South Ward Promise Neighborhood (SWPN). “Gateway U is part of our work to uplift children and families by giving them access to quality schools from cradle to college and career. By offering a flexible, affordable education through Gateway U that prepares our families for a meaningful career, we are creating a brighter future for Newark’s young people.”
Newark is made up of a diverse, educated and talented workforce that serves as a pipeline for companies in the city. As the City of Newark rebuilds and recovers from the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, Gateway U will be an integral part of helping the City of Newark continue to grow and thrive by educating the city’s future workforce for the careers of tomorrow.
“The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically increased the number of opportunity youth — 16-24 year olds that are disconnected from school and the workforce — in Newark and throughout the country,” said Robert Clark, CEO of Newark Opportunity Youth Network. “Having post-secondary pathways like Gateway U that are affordable, flexible, and directly connected to jobs will ensure that all young people have the chance to be successful.”
Gateway U partners with SNHU, a private, accredited non-profit institution. As one of the largest providers of online education in the country, SNHU’s flexibility allows students to earn a bachelor’s or associate degree at their own pace so they can continue to work full-time or care for their loved ones. In addition, SNHU’s career-focused, project-based curriculum is designed to help students to earn a bachelor’s degree in as little as two to three years. Gateway U supports enrolled students through their SNHU degree journey by providing personalized academic and career coaching and other support services.
“Student loan debt is a contributing factor to the growing racial wealth gap in the US. NJISJ recently reported that New Jersey has among the highest student debt levels in the nation. Low-cost tuition equates to better economic footing and the ability for Newark residents to start their careers with a clean financial slate. Students who graduate with less debt will have more money to build an emergency fund, save and invest. We believe that hybrid college programs like Gateway U, which minimizes the cost of tuition and increases access to post-secondary education, play a vital role in urban communities,” said Della Walker Jr., director of Hire Newark. Hire Newark, the signature workforce development program of Newark Alliance, will support Gateway U students by providing access to internships, career opportunities, and high-performance career coaches.
Gateway U also offers an affordable experience that allows students to earn a degree for no more than $7,000 per year with no hidden costs. Students receive a high-quality, real-world learning experience that prepares them for a meaningful career in the future. Gateway U is currently offering three unique SNHU degree programs in the following areas:
Business Management
Healthcare Management
“Many of our students have expressed to our KIPP Through College & Career team a desire for more flexibility, affordability, and a more personalized approach in higher education,” said Diane Adams-White, Managing Director of KIPP Through College NJ. “We also know the importance of high-quality AA/BA programs that are committed to closing our nationwide degree attainment gap. Enter Gateway U. We are thrilled to work with their team and offer another option to our alumni that will help them achieve their goals.”
Gateway U is part of a $30 million one-to-one matching U.S. Department of Education Promise Neighborhoods Program grant that SWPN recently received. The grant will help SWPN continue its groundbreaking work to improve the lives of Newark’s South Ward families and expand its reach to two additional South Ward neighborhoods for an additional five years. The Promise Neighborhoods Program grant supports organizations like SWPN that are dedicated to breaking down barriers to access by providing academic and social support for children in underserved communities. The U.S. Department of Education recently announced that the department awarded over $40 million in grants to seven organizations across the nation.
Enrollment is ongoing, and the next term begins January 3. To learn more, visit: https://www.gatewayunewark.org/
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