How to Take Your Caring Career to the Next Level

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Caregivers play an important role in the lives of those they work for. Caregivers are one of the primary tools that those with disabilities and those with chronic conditions need to live life as comfortably and independently as possible.

Caregivers can work privately or in an institution. Regardless of where your career has taken you, know that there are ways that you can take it to the next level. By being proactive with your career, you can specialize your skillset and look for new ways to advance or get more out of your career.

Add Mental Health Certificates

Caring for others means caring for all of them, not just their physical health. While it is not on you to be their sounding board or their therapist as a carer, having some experience can help you do better at your job.

One of the top certificate options out there for caregivers, social workers, and anyone who works with those who have experienced a loss, for example, is the online thanatology degree.

This degree option is ideal for those working in hospice or palliative care settings and also for those who frequently deal with the bereaved. If you are an employee in a hospice and are hoping to advance to become a leader in your workplace, getting such a certificate and training can better prepare you for how to deal respectfully with those who have suffered a major loss.

Programs like this are excellent ways to expand your ability to serve your patients or clients and, in turn, can be a tool you use to help you push your career to the next stage.

Gain Leadership Skills

As with many careers, the best way to move up is to go into leadership. Don’t assume that just because you know how your workplace works, however, that you know how to manage it. The good news is that there are many ways to earn those management skills. You can earn a degree, take a class, read a book, or just shadow the people currently in charge.

It takes time and networking to get into a leadership position, so start today. Those in positions of power need to see you as their next manager or director. If they don’t, then chances are it won’t matter what your qualifications are.


Networking is key, and one of the best ways to network is to help others. See if there is anything that your manager needs, ask if you can shadow them, or even ask for small leadership roles on a case-by-case basis.

Don’t forget to network outside of your current workplace as well. You can start online, but use all the opportunities available to you. Working in a hospice or, alternatively, with an agency can end up feeling isolating. Networking outside of your workplace opens up possibilities and will help you secure the next great career move.

Build Your Brand

Another great way to network and showcase your skills is to create a brand. This can be done on social media, or it can be done by interviewing or being interviewed. If you can get your name out there, do it, as it will help you secure great opportunities in the future.

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