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Funko Hollywood – 40,000 Square Feet of Pop Culture Fun

If you’re looking for 40,000 square feet of pop culture fun, Funko Hollywood is a must-visit. It’s filled with immersive sets inspired by your favorite worlds. It’s also home to Six exclusive Pop vinyl figures and a VIP room filled with Gachapon machines!

40,000 square feet of whimsy

You’ll be surrounded by whimsy and fun at the second brick-and-mortar store in Hollywood. The 40,000 square-foot location features immersive sets and pop culture nods to popular franchises. While the physical store is free to enter, you’ll need to show proper identification and wear non-mesh face cover to participate in fun activities.

Six exclusive Pop vinyl figures

The Funko Hollywood Pop Vinyl Figures Exhibition is an experience for fans of pop culture and fun. Spread across 40,000 square feet, the exhibition features immersive sets inspired by favorite worlds. It is a must-visit for all pop culture fanatics.

VIP room

If you love Pop! culture, the company Funko has an experience for you. They’ve created a fun, 40,000-square-foot space where you can enjoy immersive sets inspired by your favorite worlds. Guests can purchase fun Funko collectibles or even create their own custom designs.

Gachapon machines

Gachapon machines are a fun way to collect random toys. Originally invented in Japan, these machines contain random toys. Many of these machines feature a particular series or character. Depending on how many coins you put into a machine, you can win anything from a single toy to an entire collection. Some machines offer smaller prizes, while other machines feature larger, better quality toys. While Gachapon machines are usually meant for children, you can find some that cater to adults.

Photo opportunities

If you’re a fan of pop culture, the photo opportunities at Funko Hollywood are sure to be a blast. This store features life-sized versions of all of your favorite pop-culture characters and multiple photo rooms. Some brands have elaborate sets, while others are just characters standing around.


Funko is a company that puts the pop! in pop culture. They’re the company behind Funko Hollywood, a 40,000 square foot amusement park featuring immersive sets inspired by your favorite worlds.

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