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BANGALORE, India, May 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The eLearning Industry is Segmented by Type (On-Premise eLearning, Cloud-Based eLearning), by Application (Academy, Corporate, Government). The report covers global opportunity analysis and industry forecasts from 2021 to 2026. It is published on Valuates Reports in the Education Category.
The global E-learning market size is projected to grow USD 370 Billion by 2026, from USD 226 Billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 8.56% during 2021-2026.
Based on e-learning industry analysis, themajor factors driving the growth of e-Learning market size are:
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Based on e-learning market statistics the adoption of e-learning for employee skill development is expected to drive the growth of the e-learning market. Many major multinational corporations have discovered that using online learning tools is the most effective way to ensure that all of their workers are trained to the same level. Online learning will assist in ensuring a consistent induction process for all global workers that is on-brand and managed centrally. It can be delivered in a single standard business language or, if necessary, translated for local teams.
Technological advancement due to large-scale investments is expected to drive the growth of the e-learning market. E-learning can naturally be much more cost-effective than classroom-based learning, as it does not require learners to travel to be in the same place or invest in special equipment and learning resources for each module of their course.
The increasing e-learning industry trend for gamification and incorporation of AR & VR are expected to increase the growth of the e-learning market. As gamification for learning offers a more engaging and immersive learning experience, this would translate to higher completion rates. Furthermore, the incorporation of AR and VR can provide an immersive learning experience to shape the future of gamification in the eLearning landscape.
With e-learning, students can take lessons online at their leisure. Students can be trained from any country, in any place, including remote areas or rural areas where education facilities are lacking. Furthermore, If students do not grasp the definition the first time around, the instructions given online, on audio-video courses, can be saved and rewound again and again. These advantages are expected to drive the growth of the e-learning market size. 
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List of companies covered in this report are:
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