Cory Hardrict and Bringston University

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Cory Hardrict and Bringston University

The popular television show “All American” is making its way back to the small screen with Season 2 of the upcoming HBCU drama “Bringston University”. Starring Geffri Maya and Peyton Alex Smith, this drama is based on a true story that features a fictional HBCU in Birmingham, Alabama. It also features Cory Hardrict as the fictional coach.

Season 2 of “All American: Homecoming”

After its debut on The CW in February 2022, All American: Homecoming has been renewed for a second season by the network. The series is a spinoff of All American. The second season is set to premiere on October 10, 2022. This show will follow a new cast of characters.

“All American: Homecoming” is produced by Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, David Madden, and Robbie Rogers. It was directed by Michael Schultz. It’s produced by Berlanti Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television.

Bringston University is a fictional HBCU

Most of us have heard of fictional HBCUs, but we’ve probably only seen them in movies or television series. Films such as School Daze and Drumline often feature fictional institutions. But what really makes a fictional institution a real one? It’s the popularity of a long-term endeavor. The fictional Bringston University, for instance, was inspired by a television series that was successful.

The story revolves around the sports teams at Bringston. There’s a scandal at the university that depletes the baseball team, but star pitcher Damon Sims decides to go to Bringston instead of entering the MLB draft. This scandal puts Marcus Turner under a lot of pressure to bring the team back to championship level. Then, the team’s star pitcher, Damon Sims, is kicked out of his first practice for mouthing off about the lack of talent on the team.

All American: Homecoming stars Geffri Maya and Peyton Alex Smith

The CW has announced that All American: Homecoming will return this fall. The show follows students from a historically black college in Atlanta. The show’s first season ended with a cliffhanger, but fans can expect the new season to continue Simone Hicks’ story at Bringston University.

Geffri Maya is a California native who has been acting professionally since 2006. She was cast in the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff Private Practice. She had a fairly ordinary childhood, but was always drawn to acting. In fact, she attended Clark Atlanta University and studied mass communications, but always knew that acting was her passion. She is currently best known for her role as Simone Hicks in All American, and is eager to keep the momentum with Homecoming.

Cory Hardrict as coach

Whether it’s on TV or in real life, you’ve probably seen Cory Hardrict as Coach Marcus Turner in All American: Homecoming. Hardrict is an actor and cultural icon who’s actively using his talents to tell authentic Black stories. His role on the new season of the show, which premieres November 4, is as the new head coach of Bringston University’s baseball team. Here’s what Hardrict told BGN about his role on the show.

“All American” is a new drama series that debuted on the CW this year. It’s a young adult sports drama set at HBCU Bringston University. It centers around two athletes – a female tennis star on a Black campus and a white college football star on a predominantly white school.

Simone Sims and Damon Sims as student-athletes

Damon and Simone Sims are both high school baseball recruits from Chicago who have decided to transfer to Bringston University in Atlanta, Georgia. Damon, who was named one of the nation’s top recruits, has made a controversial decision, forgoing a professional baseball career in Chicago in order to play baseball for Bringston. Their decision will have consequences for the baseball program at Bringston, but Damon will have an opportunity to reclaim its integrity as an HBCU.

Although they are pursuing sports at Bringston, life in college isn’t easy. Damon and Simone must overcome a host of challenges, including a rivalry with the tennis team captain, a friendship with a fellow student-athlete, and navigating the demands of young adulthood in a new city.


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