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Where to Buy BuzzBallz Near Me

Are you wondering where to buy BuzzBallz near me? If so, this article will help you! We’ll talk about the price and flavors of BuzzBallz, as well as where you can buy non-packs of these fun treats. If you can’t find BuzzBallz near me, you can also buy the cases of them. You can buy cases of 24 on the official website or at Walmart. Alternatively, you can buy the buzzballs online from Amazon or Walmart.

Where to buy BuzzBallz at Walmart

If you’re interested in buying some BuzzBallz, Walmart is the place to go. These little alcohol-based treats come in a variety of sizes, flavours, and shapes. Prices vary by flavour and size. In addition to Buzzballz, Walmart sells many other products that kids and adults alike will enjoy. For more information on Buzzballz, visit the Walmart website. To buy Buzzballz, simply follow the link below.

Buzzballz are sold in packs of 35 or individually. They can also be purchased in cases of 24. Walmart also sells cases of the beverage. There are also gluten-free options available. There is no risk to buying Buzzballz at Walmart because the product is packaged in a secure manner. Walmart is committed to customer security. And they ensure that the drink is in good condition. And since Walmart sells BuzzBallz in packs of two, they are the perfect choice for families.

The company also produces a variety of premium spirits and wines. BuzzBallz is a popular choice for pool parties, but you can also find upscale brands of liquor and wine in stores, including Pelican Harbor rums and Crooked Fox Bourbon. If you’re looking for a more serious spirit, you can check out the Andrew Johnston Gin and the Crooked Fox Bourbon.


If you are looking for a way to enjoy your favorite boozy drink, you’ve probably heard about BuzzBallz. The company began making them in 2009 and was profitable within two years. Today, BuzzBallz is a $20 million a year business, and its founder, Merrilee Kick, is a certified teacher and MBA student. In her thesis, Merrilee outlined the requirements for her product’s packaging. It needed to be unbreakable, recyclable, colorful and made from real fruit juice. And it had to be strong enough to taste like a homemade drink.

BuzzBallz’s flavors can be blended with other beverages. They can be mixed with a glass of water or blended into another drink, such as a Spiked Watermelon. They’re perfect for any type of party or celebration. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or simply enjoying a summer evening with friends, BuzzBallz has a drink for everyone. The premium ingredients in BuzzBallz make it a delicious choice for all occasions.

There are 11 different flavors of BuzzBallz. You can choose from a traditional mango or peach flavor, or a spicy one like Chili Mango. The drink isn’t too spicy, but is just hot enough to add a little spice to your drink. The new Chili Mango flavor is the most popular, and will be available in more stores through 2022 and 2023. They’re available in 200-ml cans and can be found at various locations.

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