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BMW Electric Cars

When BMW launched its i3 electric car in 2010, it took the automotive world by storm. The car was expensive, a little different from typical BMW design, and had a very short electric range. However, with a few modifications, BMW became a leader in the electric car market. And today, the i3 remains one of the most popular electric cars on the road. It is the world’s best-selling electric car, with a projected range of 260 miles.


The BMW i3 electric car first hit the market in 2011. It cost about $42,000 for the base model, but at least one million dollars more when equipped with the optional range extender, a 2-cylinder gasoline engine. The battery packs 170 hp and enables the vehicle to reach a range of up to 80 miles or 100 kilometers. The BMW i3 is the perfect car for city dwellers, with a small footprint and ultra-tight turning radius.


The BMW i7 is an electric car based on the 7 Series platform. It is also known as the xDrive60 in the US. The i7 has a battery pack that has 101.7 kWh of usable capacity. It can recharge in about 10 minutes at a DC fast charger, and its range is expected to be around 300 miles. BMW will provide three years of free charging at Electrify America stations.


The BMW electric car i4 has an excellent ride and handles like a competent sport sedan, but its low weight and lack of nimbleness make it less than fun to drive on the road. You might prefer the more maneuverable, nimble Tesla Model 3 Performance, but the i4 is far from nimble. Even though its regenerative braking helps it stay under control on slippery roads, it feels clunky in turns.


While the BMW electric car i8 is not an all-electric car, it is still an impressive sports car, roadster, and brand-shaper. The company has long envisioned electrification as a way to power its future. Its future is already being laid. It is scheduled for production in 2024. And it could soon make you a star on Hollywood roads. Read on to learn more about the i8.


The BMW i8s electric car is one of the first full-production vehicles to have a passenger cell made of chemically hardened thin glass. This material is used for smartphone screens, but it’s much more powerful than the typical glass. The passenger cell is also made of high-strength aluminum and magnesium, two materials that are lighter but stronger than traditional steel and aluminum. This combination provides the car with a significantly higher efficiency than conventional batteries.

i4 2023

The BMW i4 2023 is the company’s first all-electric gran coupe, and it’s a departure from its past. The i8 PHEV and i3 EV wowed the world a few years ago, but BMW has been playing catch-up ever since. The iX SUV arrived late in the 2020s, and the i4 debuted in mid-2021. This BMW i4 electric car is a bridge between the present and the future, and it looks normal compared to its competition.

i4 2025

While the BMW i4 concept debuted at last year’s not-Geneva auto show, the company is already working on the production model. The production model is called a “Gran Coupe,” with a lower rear roofline than a sedan. It should have a 300-mile range, as its name implies. The i4 will run on BMW’s hybrid CLAR platform, which will be crucial for achieving the company’s EV goal.


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