Balanced Diet Reduces Risk of Bleeding, Blood Clotting in Brain, Says Study

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Researchers from the US-based Aarhus University, in a new study, have found that a balanced diet reduces the risk of bleeding or clotting in the brain.

According to the findings of this study, conducted by the US Public Health Department and published in Stroke, eating more vegetarian food is good for our health.

This research contradicts the findings of another study in Britain that claimed that vegetarians were at a higher risk of bleeding in the brain than non-vegetarians.

For their new study, the researchers used data from the Danish Diet, Cancer and Health Population Study. According to the Danish Climate Friendly Dietary Guidelines, one should consume plant-rich foods in moderation.

Additionally, Christina C. Dahm, who led this study, said, “If adult men or women consume a balanced and fibrous diet, then the risk of bleeding or blood clotting in their brain is reduced.”

Besides suggesting a balanced amount of greens and fruits, the study notes that one must eat less non-vegetarian and high-fat food.

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