18 Weeks From Today

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18 Weeks From Today – What’s in Store For You and Your Baby?

You are now 18 weeks pregnant. This week your baby will develop his/her reflexes and will begin to move his/her arms and legs. His/her digestive system will develop and he/she will start to feel and hear! There are lots of things to be excited about! Read on to discover all that’s in store for you and your baby! During this week, the baby’s heart rate will increase, and you’ll start to notice your baby’s movements!

Pregnancy hormone relaxin

At least eighteen weeks from today, your body will be producing the pregnancy hormone relaxin. It is thought to play an important role in the haemodynamic changes associated with pregnancy. While the exact role of relaxin during pregnancy is not yet known, this hormone is known to relax joints, ligaments, and muscles. In addition, relaxin may also be involved in the development of fetal heart disease, which is why it’s so important to monitor it closely during the first trimester.

Development of baby’s digestive system

Your growing baby is now officially a fetus, and you can expect to see paddle-like hands and feet, hardened bones, and kidneys in a few weeks. Your baby’s brain is developing at incredible rates – 250,000 neurons are forming every minute! As you’ve probably noticed, there are many things that could go wrong at this stage. However, if you’re worried about a problem, your doctor will run additional tests to rule out complications.


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You’re about 18 weeks from today. Your baby is almost 18cm long and has begun to grow and move around. You may have noticed movements on your ultrasound screen. Within a few weeks, you may even be able to see your baby moving within your womb! Here are some exciting things to look forward to this week! Listed below are some of the key things to expect during your pregnancy. And don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many women are getting nervous and asking themselves, “How am I going to feel?”


If you are looking to begin work in a new position, you may have been wondering if you can still get your fingerprints done 18 weeks from today. The good news is that there is still time. The ink fingerprinting process takes 16 to 18 weeks to complete, and can be completed at any open IdentoGO location. Once you have your fingerprints taken, you should mail the fingerprint card along with the confirmation email and complete mailing address to the appropriate agency.


If you are pregnant, your mid-pregnancy ultrasound may reveal a problem with your placenta. A pregnant woman’s placenta is attached to the lining of the womb, allowing oxygen to pass to the baby. The placenta also produces hormones that support pregnancy. After a fertilised ovum implants into the womb, it grows from there. Because the womb is continually expanding, the position of the placenta changes as the baby grows.

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